Video games, humor, scotch


I'm Manic Velocity. I like to play video games and sometimes I enjoy a glass of scotch, or two or three. Also a cigar. Until you've smoked a cigar while watching the sun go down on a warm Friday evening, you haven't lived.

I host a weekly Twitch stream and I'm convinced my audience are gluttons for punishment. I just do this as a hobby, and I plan to quit as soon as it becomes too much of a hassle. Then I'll move on to something else.

Until then, you can follow me on any of these social channels:

Twitch Subscriptions

By subscribing to my Twitch channel, you are making a direct contribution to Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital. I give 100% of my Twitch payout to the hospital.

Your subscription gets you access to my Twitch emotes, which I'd say is a pretty good bang for your buck. So if you have some extra money to burn, want to help some sick kids and get a Twitch emote of my face as icing on the cake, consider subscribing.


My Discord channel is where I hang out and chat with my viewers when I'm not streaming. We also do movie nights on occasion, where we get on comms and drink while watching bad or not-so-bad movies.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, feel free to join us!

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